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Bleeding and clots. 6 weeks.

Hi all.
So I posted another thread about starting to bleed.

Anyway the bleeding continued over the weekend and today I should be 6 weeks 4 days.

The bleeding started Friday evening and was fresh red blood, not heavy itís never been heavy since it started ive only had to change sanitary towels for freshness.
This morning about 5am I went to the toilet and there was a fairly large clot on my towel, it was long but not wide and I studied it it was hard to touch looked like blood coloured but some of it was almost see through.

Iíve not had any pain at all since this started and the bleeding is so light now itís almost stopped although itís still red.

Definite miscarriage or?
Iím booked in for a scan but not until Thursday morning the wait is killing me.

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Have you tried taking a pregnancy test to see what it says?

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I know it’s awful, but the only answer you can get is through the scan. It’s not fair and I’ve been there so I know how difficult it can be waiting. Really though the longer the wait the better, as they can tell more. I hope it’s okay for you.

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Unfortunately it's impossible to 100% tell without a scan. Hugs!!! I hope everything is OK

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could you go to urgent care for an ultrasound to get in sooner?

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