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Painless cramps?

I'm pregnant with what is hopefully a rainbow baby after 3 losses this round of TTC. I've had one healthy pregnancy resulting in a bouncing baby boy, and all in all, that was fairly uneventful - it was a healthy pregnancy without any major complications aside from a difficult L&D.

I'm about 4w3d-4w4d, and for at least a few days now, I've been feeling painless cramping. It feels for all the world like Braxton-Hicks contractions (I had loads of them with my son) but surely it's too early for that yet! Everything I've read has stated that 6w is the earliest they show up. But it's exactly what they feel like.

My pregnancy symptoms have been pretty standard, temperatures are remaining high and stable, and my test progression was excellent (I don't plan on continuing testing at this point). There's been no spotting and my cervix has remained tightly closed.

I'm not sure what to think. Could it be early BH? Should I increase my water intake? Should I be concerned? I can't do much about my stress levels or physical activity levels (I am comfortable continuing my daily workouts, and I also have a small farm that requires a fair bit of physical labor).

I do have a scan booked for June 1st, but no ongoing relationship with the OB. It will be my first time going there.

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I have the same thing... it’s probably getting all snuggly in there

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Cramping early on is normal. Even some spotting. But drinking lots of water is great during pregnancy anyway. Good luck to you!!

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