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Pelvic pain at Desk Job - only 7 weeks along

Hey guys.

I am just shy of 7 weeks along and I got back to work after a week off and now my pelvic seems to hurt after sitting at my desk to long.

I try to get up once in a while and walk around, but my job does require me to sit in front of the computer for a very long time 8-9 hours.

Any one else?

what helps?

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I just get up frequently...trips to the copier, break room, etc. helps me.

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I got this in the last few months of my first pregnancy and very early with this one.

How are you sitting? The advice is to try to sit with both feet on floor and not too far apart. No leg crossing or tucking a leg underneath you. Plenty of breaks.

If you're in UK mention it to your midwife and they can refer you to a physio for help and advice.
I've done that and see my chiropractic every few weeks which keeps me going

Joy x

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