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Was hoping for my mind to be put at ease but now I'm worrying even more

So I ended up in the ER for kidney pain and they ended up doing blood work and a ultrasound. They say everything looks good but I'm measuring 5+3 instead of 6+2 but I had a positive OPK on cycle day 22 April 12th and only had sex the day after ... I got my first positive pregnancy test at 10 DPO April 23rd ...
Now I'm starting to worry =*( because I'm measuring a week behind.
Should I just prepare for the worst.
Doctor says the blood work looks excellent

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All babies grow at diff rates before 10wks that why they cant date the pg hun.. the epu midwife told me this aswell, i had an early scan & was measuring 6+1 but i was 6+5, no doubt if you have another scan in a weeks time you’ll be caught up slightly & have a hb congrats btw X

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You went to an ER not an OB. The ER tech prob did it once or twice during med school and this prob isn't their specialty. If you're concerned, call you OB. They should know that you've been in the hospital anyway.

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The equipment in the ER might be different than what an OB would have. Also, it takes someone who is experienced at measuring very tiny babies to get an accurate measurement. Being off by just a mm or two messes up the whole measurement. I once went to my ob's office where they placed the markers, and baby measured 9+3. They re-placed them, and baby measured like 7+5 (which was the accurate dating in my case). I think they had accidentally included part of the yolk sac. I've also had a scan with my first (when I thought I might have an ectopic, so I had an early scan) where in one picture it says baby measures 5+5 and the next 6+3. Couple that with the fact that they grow pretty differently in those super early days and implantation varies a lot, I just don't put much stock in early dating scans (before 8 or 9 weeks). Good luck, I hope everything is okay!

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Don't worry, these measurements aren't that accurate especially so early. I'm sure everything will be fine!

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