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What helps the nausea??

Please help!! Ive has on an off nausea since finding out that we were expecting ( currently think weíre about 6 weeks now ) the last 4 or 5 days itís just been constant all day , forthantly Iíve not been sick 🤢 but the feeling of being sick is there all the time . Iíve tried ginger biscuits and eating small and often but it just makes me feels worse

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Travel sickness bands worked well for me & straight away. I was feeling nausea constantly all day. I kept the bands on all day & night & only took them off to shower/bath!

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Ginger ale, crackers, sour candies. All those were helpful for me.

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Ginger works great for me. I slice up raw ginger and put it in my water, I also buy ginger candies. Crackers are good too, nibbling constantly helps the most.

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Sprite helps me keep my sickness manageable, but to be honest the only thing that has truly made me feel better is medication (that was after 7 straight weeks of sickness. Iím now on week 13)

Lemons are supposed to be good
Ginger biscuits (stem ginger) worked for a week or so

The sea bands did nothing for me at all (never have, as I also get travel sick)

Coping mechanisms for me include lying down as much as possible, especially if I am able to go to sleep (have a 5 and 2.5yo so not easy!) and not using any thing strong smelling, not cooking or opening the fridge. My husband had to do everything for 2 months.

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Preggie Pop Drops have always been amazing for my nausea. Ginger chews help, and so does ginger tea, but not particularly well. Sipping Sprite or ginger ale can also help settle my tummy.

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