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When does this feeling stop !

Mummyís - I feel awful

I constantly feel sick and like I have pains at the top of my stomach . Iím always tired and emotional and dizzy ness and light headed ness is staring to wear on me . Iím 7+4 but every time I even move my head I feel dreadful . I canít do anything around the house or with the boys without moving and feeling like rubbish for the next few hours

Please tell me it stops soon !!

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I began feeling alot better around 14-16 weeks, everyone's different, hopefully it's soon!

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Eat well and keep your energy levels up and plenty of water.

Hope it eases off for you soon x

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it stops usually around 12-16 weeks i have found in myself and friends. i felt sick from 6 weeks until 16 with both and so tired!!! it was slightly better after 12 weeks. i also went through the how am i going to cope with this but you just muddle through however best you can. its not pleasent. different people find different things help. it really is about tryin stuff to help you... things that helped me were drinking lots of fluids. if you like water still thats the best option. if not try and find a drink you like such as blackcurrant squash etc. ice lollies can be so refreshing. lying down when you can. rest as much as you can for that matter. it wont make you feel amzing but savory stuff can help a little. crackers or ready salted crisps were good for me. i learnt that eating little and often helped. cold pasta in the fridge and helping myself to abit when i felt sick. sniffing lemons. travel sickness bands. mints or gum if you can stand it. a little glass of lemonade or coke. eat before you get up and nibble something before you sleep. always have a pack of dry biscuits in your bag for when you are out. nothing worse than feeling too terrible to wait.

its a yucky time. but it should settle within 3-10 weeks. the days will soon go past. once the placenta takes over alot of women feel better. good luck. i have been here twice and i found it rough so i do sympoathise x

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Iím almost 20 weeks and only just starting to feel better (after it starting at 5+3).

Try to rest as much as possible and delegate things if you can eg my husband did all cooking, and anything kitchen related, for 12 weeks as I couldnít.

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