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Am I being crazy or is my doctor in the wrong?? Please some advice!!

I have a 7 week 6 day appointment last Friday. It went well & I saw the heartbeat for a second time. It was 165 bpm. The following Monday on Memorial Day I had to go to the ER for some dehydration. I expected to only have a drip done. However, in addition they did an ultrasound. When they came into do it I had just woken up & wasn't paying much attention. My OBGYN updated my chart today & I remembered the hospital said the baby's bpm was 130. She said it was probably sleeping. Now I have been stressing all day because thats like a 35 beat drop & I was a few days into 8 weeks. The only things I could think of to why is I hadn't ate when I went to the ER, I was half asleep when they did the ultrasound, and it was transabdominal vs transvaginal. I sent a message to my OB explaining my concern and she was kind of just short while blowing off my question. I am thankful she gave me an answer but, it was just a simple "Yes the babies heart rate changes." THEN as I'm looking through my chart I see she has also marked me as a high risk first trimester? I had some spotting after sex twice but at my check up she had 0 concerns. I asked why she had put that & she said she doesn't know what I'm talking about but maybe because of my younger age. Then told me we could talk at my next appointment which defeats the point because thats in 4 weeks & ill be out of my first trimester. This is already a super stressful time for me & I don't have many people to talk to. I am just confused. Does anyone know what course of action I should take? Also, is there any way I can get in contact with the ER to find the actual heart-rate numbers? They took great care of me but I was half out of it and i'm convincing myself it was lower than 130 I just cant remember clearly.

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I did a quick google search and it seems that 130 could be acceptable for 8 weeks. Maybe just normal variation throughout the day. It seems like your OB wasn’t concerned either? I think that’s a good sign. I wouldn’t worry about the high risk either until the next appt really. Maybe she checked it because of the bleeding you had. I wouldn’t think a doctor would deliberately keep something from you if they truly had concerns.
The nurses at my OBGYN’s office advice line are great. Does your OB have an advice line you could call during business hours? You could just explain your concerns and get their advice and reassurance.
This early, there’s not too much that can be done one way or another. Just try to relax and hope for the best. I know it’s hard!

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The heart rate will vary. The baby was probably sleeping. I remember my baby's being up or down depending on the day/time I went in. I don't know about the high risk comment, and even more so why the doctor couldn't tell you why it was marked. That's just weird to me. But really, if the OB isn't concerned, then I'd assume all was good and right on track. If you want, you could request your records from the ER, but honestly, if they had been concerned about the baby at all, they would have told you and had you follow up with your OB. You could also phone your OB's office and leave a message for the nurse to call you back. They are usually less hurried than when speaking with the doctor (at least in my experience) Sorry you're so stressed! I hope you get the answers you need.

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