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Can I request an early scan? Uk

After my last pregnancy ending in miscarriage, I'm terrified I'll go to my 12 week scan and the baby would of stopped growing. Can I just ask for a scan around 8 weeks? Or is that stupid?

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There’s no harm in trying. Just try the early pregnancy unit in your hospital and explain your circumstances. Worst they can say is no x

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yes you can lovely, ive had 4 mc and requested early scans at the early pregnancy unit.
just found out im expecting again and my consultant has booked me in for a 6 weeks scan already
(im in the uk )
ring the hospital or your GP and explain the situation and request an early scan, alot wont see you until your 8 weeks, my consultant just wants me earlier as ive lost 4 and the want to keep a closer eye on my this time x

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Indeed you can, my Dr was very unhelpful with referring me as i had previous issues, called epu & she said you can self refer, i was offered a scan that afternoon, hope you manage to get one, it does put your mind at ease

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It really depends on your hospital my local hospital are useless at giving early scans so I just book in with private places and pay for it

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I have a scan in two weeks but I feel like I need one now for my own piece of Mind I wonder if I could just go to the clinic here and request a Earlier scan!

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