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6w4d ultrasound help

So last week I had an ultrasound at 5w4d, 2 sacs were seen but one was way too tiny to be diagnosed with twins.. my levels were 3617 this day. Well today I went for a repeat ultrasound and both sacs grew, the smallest one still completely empty and the second was a 9mm gestational sac with visible yolk sac, my levels are now 6527.. my question is did anyone have a similar experience? My levels took 7 days to nearly double, but both sacs grew and one with a yolk sac..? I have a repeat on Tuesday, but expecting the worst 😞 this will be my 4th miscarriage in a row in the past year..

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It sounds like you might have had twins but only one is developing. I’d say it’s good that your levels are still rising and you do have one sac that has grown a yolk sac! So sorry about your previous miscarriages. I hope you’re able to get a clear result at your next ultrasound

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