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We’ve been telling people really slowly...I only told my best friend in the first tri, told our parents and families around 15/16 weeks, then our close friends. I’m almost 20 weeks and I still haven’t told everyone at work, just my boss and a couple of people I’m close with. I’m just starting to show, so that takes the pressure off telling everyone early! I will likely never announce on facebook...unless I end up posting an obviously pregnant pic of myself at some point. It’s funny I was anxious to announce sooner, but the longer I kept it a secret, the less desire I had to tell anyone, like it was my secret and I got to have the baby all to myself for longer without prying questions or comments about my body.

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also waiting until the 12 week scan... it's killing me, especially as I have two charity runs booked this month with work which I'm already having to make excuses about why I can't train!!!

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My son is almost 5, we announced him as soon as possible to everyone.
My second was a loss at 8w, not everyone knew yet.
With this one, I'm 8w, and we're trying not to tell anyone. Since our first born our relationship has had some nasty trials. We're not happy anymore, this pregnancy was unplanned and because people are so judgmental about where our marriage stands we just want to keep it hush-hush as long as we can. We don't need opinions on an already unstable situation.

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