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Waiting a while to announce

Hi ladies! I know most people tend to announce right away... is there anyone who just wants to put off announcing as much as possible? I’m 11wks 6days and have my NT scan This week. I keep saying, “we will announce after we hear the heartbeat” then it was “after we get the scan”, now it’s, “after we get the scan/blood test results”.... luckily hubby is super understanding and supportive. We’ve told our parents and one close friend but the rest of the family, and friends and coworkers don’t know.

I had a miscarriage at 9wks last pregnancy and I reallllllly don’t want to tell people and then MC again. Especially because I have a 4yr old and I want to tell her before I tell anyone else.

What’s the longest anyone has put off announcing? I’m
Not talking FB - I probably won’t ever announce on FB. I mean family, friends, and coworkers. How far along were you when you told everyone?

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I only told extremely close friends and my mom/sister before 12 weeks. I didn't want work or extended family to know until 2nd tri. Ideally at work I would have liked to have delayed announcing even further but word got a bit around. My coworker who was only 7 weeks pregnant announced before me. Same week, another girl announced, however I swear she must have peed on a stick that morning, because she was early, early, early.

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I waited til 20 weeks on my last pregnancy, only because I didn't expect my family would be very supportive. I had previously had a missed miscarriage and when I announced that pregnancy they weren't overly nice. Thankfully they were happy for us the second time around! Turns out they had suspected it for a while though lol

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We're telling nobody until the 12 week scan, we did the same with our other children. We tell close family and friends at 12 weeks and everyone else after the 20 week scan.

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We told close family and friends after we saw a heartbeat at 10 weeks. Didn't announce to everyone else until around 16 weeks. We just waited until it felt like the right time!

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I'm not 18 weeks and I've told family and a couple of close friends. We aren't announcing it though, its on a find out if you see me basis because now its pretty obvious. It isn't a secret, I'm just not in the mood for other people opinions on the amount of kids we have (4th), whether we are finding out the sex (team green/yellow) and where we give birth (planning 3rd home birth). Also as I have 3 girls I'm already getting boy comments and its really annoying.

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When we get our bfp we have agreed that we will tell mum's and dad's and sister's but they will be asked not to share the news untill we announce it to every one as we plan to wait untill 12 weeks

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When I was pregnant with daughter, I told my sister and mom after seeing the heartbeat. I didn't tell anyone else. It became obvious somewhere around 26 to 28 weeks, and then it was just me confirming when they asked. I never announced on FB. Actually, the longer I kept putting it off, the more I enjoyed being the only one (besides mom and sister) to know. I got a few comments from close family about how much better I looked since putting on some weight (when I got pregnant I was really underweight) I thought that was funny, They had no idea I was growing a baby LOL

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We told my daughter (almost 7) and son (4) last week and they went to see a scan with us. Other than them and my best friend who is in the medical field and my OH, I haven't told anyone, even my mom.

Last time I waited until around 20 weeks to tell close family and DD was too little to really know what was going on. I'm always really late in announcing to social media.

I have had miscarriages and I do think it is important that people are made aware of them so it isn't so much of a stigma and I am open about them, but it is not immediately after the fact.

I like to grieve alone or with OH about things like that because my family members are talkers and I don't like talking about it for awhile. But that's just me.

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I've been telling people as I feel comfortable. Its still going to be a while before I post on Facebook though!

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