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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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HCG Quant Results...HELP!

I had my first hcg quant test on June 4th that came back at 50.9.
My second hcg quant test was on June 6th and that came back at 124.
I had a third hcg quant test because my doctor is trying to be extra careful due to our previous miscarriages and complete molar pregnancy and the result came back today at 349.

The nurse told me though that it was a good number and we should schedule an ultrasound. I don't know how she could say that though because that's a doubling time of 4 days not 48 hours.

I'm in full panic mode because I don't know if I can emotionally handle another miscarriage or more rounds of fertility treatments.

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I could be wrong but I think double time can be 48-72 hours which you have done just fine! Don't stress! If the nurse isn't worried i see no reason for you to be

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