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Further along?

OK, bare with me (lol), but I'm curious if I'm further along than Dr. thinks.

We've been TTC since January. I chart, temp, used ovulation sticks. May was a weird month because I had two periods - my expected period on April 30-May 4, and then a totally random unexpected bleed two weeks later from May 21st-May 24th. I've been counting that as my last actual period.

Well, I got a VERY positive hpt on June 10th! Not a squinter, most definitely a blaring positive. Which should have only been 9dpo.
Went for blood test Monday (10dpo), and when it came back she said I was ONE WEEK pregnant.

I've been reading lots and lots online and it doesn't seem possible one week pregnant would register on a home pregnancy test at all. And it was an internet cheapie, not even a FRER.
Also - I've got morning sickness bad, boobs hurt so much, and my cramping just will.not.stop.

So ladies, any thoughts here? Does that seem accurate, or could my first period be the real thing and my breakthrough bleed was something else? My Dr. won't see me again until July 13th since she thinks I'm one week along and need to give baby time to do her thing.

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The break through could gave been implantation maybe

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Ok so on my first son I went for my 12 weeks scan but was 17 weeks which meant I’d had a bleed which I thought was my period,this time I knew exactly when i ovulated but a scan at epu said I was 5 weeks I knew that was impossible as it would of meant I had a positive pregnancy test when I was ovulating according to they booked me for my 12 week scan and sure enough I was 14 from past experience your dates and 12 week scan are the true dates

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