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Hi sweetie, my last couple of pregnancies were like that....but the closer I got to the 2nd trimester the more energy I had and I got as much done as I could when I felt up to it. With your twins being so much older they can certainly help a TON with all the house work and even light cooking. Don't feel any guilt asking for them to pitch in. You wiped their behinds for how long? They can pick up the slack for a bit....when you feel up to it get some freezer cooking done and fill the pantry with some easy stuff. Even switch to paperplates for this short season. It will NOT hurt anything for a short season....same with after baby comes.....packaged foods and paper goods until mom is back on her feet!

Congrats! DOn't guilt yourself over how your body is growing this wee one....adapt! many prayers for you sweetie!

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