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Hi ladies,

My update is that there is no update

I found a place in Nashville that does free ultrasounds, but they said they would only do them after 12 weeks as they don't have the ability to see anything earlier than that.

Due to our inability to afford to pay without insurance we just are going to have to wait until August 1

I asked my husband to harrass his insurer to make sure we do actually have our card etc by August 1 as my OB booked me in for August 2nd.

If there's no baby I still can't afford a D and C without insurance.. so what's the point in finding out before we have insurance really.

I have not had any bleeding.

My boobs feel like they're going to explode and my husband gave me a Victoria Secrets voucher for my birthday so I asked them if they have any bras that prevent boobs moving..

They sold me a 36DD bra with a double layer and it still won't stop them moving..

I'm extremely fatigued. I'm sleeping 8 hours a day and then sleeping another 4 hours in the middle of the day

I am normally a 5-6 hour sleeper and a 16 hour a day worker
I'm self employed as a photographer and videographer, thankfully I don't have any weddings in July so I'm able to get away with all this sleep.

I don't know how women hold down actual day jobs with employers 8 hours a day with babies.

'm trying to just not think about it. I will keep everyone posted

No bleeding, no vaginal discharge

do not want any form of sexual contact.. and if my husband so much as sneezes near my boobs it hurts so much I wanna give him a black eye.. lol.. #boobpain


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