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6wk 4day ER Ultrasound 8mm sac + yolk - no heartbeat or fetal pole

Hello everyone. I was seen in the Er on Friday with 3 days of abdominal pain. both ext and internal ultrasounds. Finding was that pain was caused by cyst on left ovary.

They said the sac was 8mm with a yolk, but no heartbeat and no fetal pole.
They said this could be cause for alarm or could be too early.
They said that 8mm was quite a large sac to not have a heartbeat, and that usually by 6mm there is a heartbeat

LMP May 13-18
Predicted Ovulation May 30th
Sex 17, 21, 28, 30
Neg HPT June 13, 6 pos HPT June 16th 2 days after missed period.
Based on hormones it is assumed conception was June 28

that would mean Friday was 6wk 4 day
Seeing OB tomorrow 5 weeks since conception 7 weeks gestational

I want a baby more than anything and googling has just freaked me out

PLEASE TELL ME your experiences

I tried googling '8mm sac with yolk but no fetal pole or heartbeat' and can't find any info

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Sorry to hear you are having a worrying time.
I had a scan with my daughter at 5w1d and saw absolutely nothing. No sad. Nothing. At 7w1d I saw a very tiny blob.
Praying it's just too early. I didn't have a scan inbetween the 2 weeks so cannot compare.

Did the take your bloods to check hcg levels and progesterone? X

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I just read that 8mm sac is equivalent to 5w1d. Is there any chance you could have ovulated a week later? Did you have sex after the 30th?

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praying for a healthy little bean

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I got scanned a couple weeks ago at 6 weeks 3 days and the ob said she couldn't see anything. She told me it was probably a blighted ovum. Went back a week later and there was the heartbeat! ER ultrasounds are notorious for missing obstetric related things, its not their specialty. Give it a week or two and request another ultrasound at your docs, I'm sure you'll see baby then.

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Umm my experience not so good and I was certain of my dates. At 6 weeks 2 days in had a 12 mm sac and yolk sac nothing else to be soon. Rescanned at 7weeks 2 days and a 1.5mm baby with heartbeat seen. Rescanned again at 8 weeks 2 days and still faint heartbeat and baby only grown another 1.5mm making it now 3mm. Already was told baby not viable as I was certain of dates. I go to tomorrow for Rescan to check heartbeat gone and hopefully d&c. It's been a horrendous experience the and I want it over with. I am told many women get their dates wrong and sometimes it a just too early but not in My case. I wish you all the best xxx

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I'm also very certain of my dates.... This has been my experience so far....

June 3 - Predicted Ovulation Date and also day of Baby Dance
June 17 - Positive Pregnancy Test
June 20 - First OB appointment; Early but they were able to get me in
June 21 - First HCG draw = 94
June 25 - Second HCG draw = 320
June 27 - Visit to ER for brown spotting with occasional red since 6/20 - Another HCG draw = 402 but u/s showed gest. sac with no yolk/fetal pole [too early]
July 2 - Sudden gush of bright red blood and passing clots - Not sure if I'm going to back to the ER or just wait until July 16 for my normal scheduled appointment/ultrasound to confirm the worst or surprise me with a miracle.

It's been a hard day at work for sure...

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I saw the OB today which was $250 without insurance
She wanted to do an ultrasound but I explained I just

can't afford that without insurance

OB + Bloods + US would be over $1000 without insurance

I explained to her that I'm going to call the cheap clinics + see if I can get a free or cheap ultrasound anywhere at all..

She said that's a good idea, and if I can find an affordable Ultrasound to wait until Friday next week

as that's 2 weeks after the ER U/S and then that U/S should be 100% accurate as it will be

8 weeks 5 days since period

She looked at the ER paperwork

she did repeat what the ER dr said

She said that at 8mm a sac should have a heartbeat..

She did say that it COULD go either way though

She said that if I find a cheap U/S place to do one Friday next week.

She said if there's a heartbeat I'm ok to wait til August 1 when my husbands new insurance kicks in to see her again. She said if it's a blighted ovum it's also safe for me to wait til August 1 to see her.

She said if I miscarry at home it's also safe to do so unless I start hemoragging pad after pad

She said the ER blood work from friday shows my levels at 4400

She said at 8000 there 100% should be a heartbeat..

but I'm not at that level yet

The internet says that miscarriage is only diagnosed if you reach 16mm sac with no fetal pole or heartbeat

I did see a radiologist website that said that sometimes heartbeats are not seen til the 8 or 9th week,

if that is true then my OB's advice to wait until Friday next week is good advice.


Period May 13th - 18th
Sex (according to my "sex-log")
Tuesday May 15th, Tuesday 21st

Ovulation day May 30th
Sex a day after
(I thought we did it on the 28th but I didn't right that down)

Looking for free or cheap ultrasound / pregnancy clinics in Nashville/Smyrna areas..
internet lists one for Chattanooga so I'll call them tomorrow.
(California is FULL of free pregnancy clinics)

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Hang in there! Not knowing is so stressful! I hope everything works out for you. I think from things i read you could be ok. I read an 8mm sac corresponds to 5w1d which you wouldnt see anything inside yet. The earliest you can see a hb is 5w5d or 6d on ultrasound. If you think there is any chance you ovulated later you could be completely fine! Remember sperm can also live inside for 5 days. Keep hoping for the best outcome!

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