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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Advice on maternity please

Hi, Iím a childminder and only planning on taking 4 weeks off when baby is born. I give my holiday dates or at start of every year so parents have enough notice. I was hoping to do similar with my 4 week maternity so that they can find alternative care etc.

The problem is (and I know this applies to any pregnancy but I feel it maybe more so with my past experience) my daughter was 6 weeks premature, and I just donít know how best to plan my 4 weeks. Itís my body that caused premature labour 3 times and waters broke early too.

So should I choose 2 weeks before due date and then 2 weeks after?

She was very almost 12 weeks premature but that would be classed as an emergency and my maternity and work would just go out the window at that stage.

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Tbh Iíd just notify the parents of the situation. Two weeks after giving birth isnít very long at all - what if you need a c-section?

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