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Sleeping positions

Hi Iím almost 7 weeks. I keep waking up flat on my face with a very sore tummy (gives me tummy ache laying like this before pregnancy). Itís not helping my morning sickness one bit!
Is it dangerous at this stage? Iím thinking of getting my pillow early to try stay on my side, even if itís only to stop waking up with tummy ache and bad sickness.

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At 7 weeks it shouldn't hurt, but I'd still try to avoid. I thankfully hate sleeping on my belly, but i do like to sleep on my back. It's hard when I get too far and can't sleep on my back.

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With my first I slept on my stomach until 20 weeks because I didnít show until later than that. Now, I feel bloated but still sleep on my tumtum. Not dangerous at all. Little baby is surrounded by so much fluid and tissue and is so tiny, not much can harm it, especially not sleeping on your stomach. Youíre probably sore from normal uterus changes at that stage.

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