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Telling Co workers the big news

How did/are you guys plan to tell and when?

My occupation is a little more physical and my co workers are starting to wonder why I'm not doing some of the more strenuous activities even though I told them it's 'medical reasons'

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Pregnant (Expecting)
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I work for myself at home. I told the cats.

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At my previous job, when I was pregnant with DS, I requested a private meeting with the boss and explained to him that I was pregnant and laid out what my limitations were. He was super accommodating and kept it all a secret until I was ready to share the information with my coworkers.

This time, I am working from home, so it's not such a big deal and nobody's around to notice me making mad dashes to the bathroom to throw up. I let them find out with the rest of the world when we made out big Facebook announcement.

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I work in law enforcement and we are mandated to tell the immediate supervisor, which I did after my first scan at 6+6. I was allowed to make “safe” decisions about being in the field and being 1 on 1 with offenders I felt comfortable with. I had to tell most by 12 weeks as people were starting to give me side looks for staying out of physical altercations.

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