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Early BFP worrier! 😘

Hi 🙂
I got my BFP on Saturday (cd24) super early and very lucky.
I want to be excited but af wouldnít have been due until this Saturday (cd31).
Iíve been poas like a loon and I am
always getting clear lines that show are darker in the morning and lighter in the evening.
Iím worried though that this might be a chemical. After a blighted ovum in August 2016 I am just super paranoid!

Did anyone else get an early BFP and go on to have a successful pregnancy? Xxx

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Hey there!
I got a BFP at 10 DPO! (About cd24-25) And I'm now 27 weeks.
But I can understand the paranoia. I had a CP a cycle before this BFP, so I think I tested until 20 DPO haha...

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As above, I was 10 dpo.

Currently 11+1 and heard baby's heartbeat on the Doppler this morning!

Still, with 4 miscarriages behind me, I was incredibly anxious and was POAS until 7 weeks, just in cases

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I was 9dpo with DS, and I think I was 10dpo with this pregnancy. I had a ton of early positives that did not end well (this is my 11th pregnancy overall but only my 2nd success) but you absolutely can go on to have a happy and healthy 9 months with an early BFP. Good luck, and congrats!

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My first postive was 9 dpo. 5 days before AF was due. I'm 5 weeks today and got a 3+ (after O) on a digital today. Obviously my levels are headed in the right direction.

I wouldn't test more than once a day. In the evening your urine can be diluted causing a lighter test. Remember hcg doubles about every 48 hours.

With dd I didn't test until 13dpo but suspect I would have got a bfp at 10dpo.

So I wouldn't worry about early bfp having negative outcomes.

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9dpo faint line 10dpo 1-2 on a digi. My tests are always darker in afternoon and my fmu is rubbish. Currently 13+3 with identical twins xx

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Got mine (after 2 losses) at 7dpo and am currently 23 weeks. Congratulations!

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