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Early scan?

I'm 4 weeks 2 days atm. Do you think (when I get) my midwife she'll let me get an early scan at 6-8 weeks even if there's no issues but because I've had a missed miscarriage before? I only got an early scan with my daughter because I bleed at 6 weeks.
I don' t want her to just say "every pregnancy is different just stay calm" because that doesn't help my anxiety 😣

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Mum (Mom)
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Iím sorry I donít have a definite answer but where I live they will only give an early scan if you have symptoms (bleeding, pain etc).
I feel your pain though 🙁 I would feel much better having an early scan having had a mc in my last pregnancy.

We had a private scan with DD2 which is expensive but definitely reassured me xx

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I've had an early scan with two pregnancies... but in my case I'd had three miscarriages prior to my first successful pregnancy and then an additional miscarriage between that pregnancy and this one.

I was prepared to ask (beg) for one if the midwife didn't offer, but in both cases she was the one to suggest it.

Best thing to do is say that you're really anxious and hope they give you one. You can but ask...

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Here, an 8-week ultrasound is standard practice. Earlier blood tests can be done if there is a history of miscarriage - they check for HCG levels and whether they are increasing properly or not, and some will also check progesterone.

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