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Should I contact someone?

So I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with my ďsecondĒ child (my avatar is of my daughter who is now Five lol!)
Since Monday I have had nausea and I thought omg great this very reassuring even if itís not nice but since yesterday Iíve had nothing, Iíve felt absolutely fine and now I am panincing something is wrong. (I suffered a loss a few months ago). My breasts are still sore. Iím having no pain or bleeding (touch wood). Should I contact someone? Or would my body tell me if something was up.
I suffer with anxiety and I am panicking lol

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Mum (Mom)
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I am 4-5 weeks and zero symptoms. Had one day of sore boobs last week and nothing since. My fertility nurse said it can be normal x

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Hey everyone has a different experience..dont stress yourself over it!! Im almost 6 weeks and no symptoms!! Unless u see blood then i would contact someone

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I had on and off days of no symptoms, then being hit by them all! I felt very much not pregnant until nausea set in!

Completely normal xxx

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My symtoms have been very up and down, too. I'm now 11+3 but since about seven weeks I've alternated between "Hey, I feel OK. Why do I feel OK? What's wrong???" to "Oh God, I think I'm going to die!"

I've had several losses so I understand your panic. Warning signs of something wrong are bleeding and heavy cramping, and you haven't mentioned those so I think yo'ure OK.

You'll probably feel horrendous tomorrow

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