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Not wanting to be the annoying pregnant wife?!

Hey ladies, so I am around 6 weeks pregnant and have been hit with extreme nausea for about a week now. I feel like it's so bad that I just can't live my life normally and I'm constantly complaining about it to my husband. I hate being this way but I feel like I can't not complain lol you know what I mean. I feel like I'm annoying him and this is just the begining of the pregnancy. Can't talk it out with anyone else because trying to keep it a secret since I haven't been able to have a succesful pregnancy yet. Anyone else feel this way? And how do you just ignore all the symptoms and just live your life?!?

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I felt the same way as you - especially because I’m usually a ‘tough it out’ type of person. But I discovered that pregnancy is FULL of discomfort, and you need to just give in for the next 9 months. You’re growing a person, it’s unconfortable and you won’t feel great sometimes but you have the right to vent!! Your hubby should be supportive and help you when he can. You’re doing all the hard work after all!
Try not to feel bad about it. Most people don’t have glowing pregnancies so you aren’t alone in feeling gross!

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I am sure you arent being annoying to him. I complain a lot to my OH too mainly about my discomfort and he hasn't said anything about it.

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