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Strange, vivid dreams every night (and nap) with bb 3

I was curious if anyone else had more vivid dreams with one pregnancy than another, and if gender seemed to play a role.

My pregnancies with my two boys had the odd dream here and there. Now every time I get ready to sleep I'm like, I wonder what the adventure will be tonight!

They're not scary, sometimes people or situations annoy me, but they're generally just peculiar.

I'm also 31 now and had the other two at 23 + 25, so maybe age is playing a factor?

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Ha! I could have written this myself! I am also pregnant with baby number 3 and had my first at 23 and second at 25 (weeks away from being 26) and now I am 29 pushing 30 due in early February! The dreams are SO interesting!!

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Not every time, but yeah, some really strange ones.

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I'm definitely having some intense and strange ones with this pregnancy, but I did with my last one as well. I don't remember them being quite this adventurous with my first two. I am always going on an adventure or doing something really intense, sometimes even very *sexual* . Occasionally they are bad dreams, or the very least frustrating... I don't know if it has anything to do with gender of babies though.

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