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Kennel job if pregnant?


So I just discovered that I am pregnant today. I have a job interview for a kennel job on Monday and am wondering if it is safe to work this kind of job? I got the interview before I got my BFP test by the way. I know I don't even have the job yet, but there is no point in going if I can't do the work. It requires cleaning up after dogs and cleaning cat litter boxes (which I know can be toxic) I am going to school to be a vet tech and this job would help me fulfill my clinical requirements. I'm mostly worried about the litter boxes. Is there a way to make it less toxic to baby?


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If you really need this job, I would do the interview and see if you get it. In the meantime, talk to your doctor to see what kind of risks the job has. If the risks are easily avoidable and will not put too much of a burden on your employer, then your employer will be required by law to offer you reasonable accommodations to avoid them (for example, having other employees clean the litter boxes instead of you). It would help if you could get your doctor's recommendation in writing too.

Sorry, I don't have any ideas for making the cat litter less toxic! Other than the obvious precautions like wearing gloves, washing your hands after cleaning etc.

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I had to clean my litter box daily when I was pregnant with my second as dh was just so strapped with time. I wore gloves and a mask each time. Obviously the risk would be higher around feral cats, but I think you can also be tested to see if you've been exposed as a child to toxoplasmosis.

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I would talk to your OB. I cleaned litter the whole time I was pregnant, but I wore gloves. The only way to get infected is to ingest it. So, a cat would have to be infected and then you'd have to get some of it's feces into your mouth. My OB just told me to be sure and wash my hands good after cleaning the litter box and also any gardening outside.

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