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First Scan - Two Yolk Sacs & Only One Fetal Pole.

Good Morning All,

I am new to this as I have just signed myself up as I would like some advise if possible smile

I found out I was pregnant and this is my first pregnancy so I am rather worried. Over the weekend I had some light bleeding and cramping which I ended up getting referred to have an early scan.

When I went for the scan they could not see anything so I ended up having to have an internal one, they found I have a gestation scan and inside there I have two yolk sacs one is rather enlarged and empty, the other one is measuring at 5 weeks and 3 days with a fetal pole but no heart beat as of yet.

The midwifes explained this is early to hear the heart beat and has booked me in for another scan next Friday, I am extremely worried and panicking due to the midwifes feel like I was pregnant with twins and I have miscarried one explaining why one of the yolks is empty.

Also dates are not matching up which is making me even more anxious.

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What dates do you think you should be at? It’s very normal not to sees heart beat so early xx

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Do you mean there was 2 gestational sacs, or 1 gestational sac containing 2 yolks and 1 fetal pole?

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