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Prenatal vitamins?

I just got my bfp two days ago and started looking at different prenatal vitamins. Does anyone have any suggestions on a certain brand? I really hated taking them when I was pregnant with my son because I had horrible morning sickness and the vitamins werenít the best tasting. hoping I can find one that doesnít taste so bad or isnít so big and difficult to swallow. What is everyone else taking?

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I've been taking Nature Made Prenatal Multi + DHA. It has been pretty tolerable, especially compared to the taste of just the multi version... but I also haven't had to deal with much nausea so I don't know if it would feel like it's too big or not if you're feeling sick.

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SmartyPants Gummy - excellent tasting and has good folate and other bioavailable vitamins.

Garden of Life just put out a new one a day line at Target (may be available elsewhere) that are good and more affordable but they are traditional tablets and taste like dirt. Or worse than dirt. But I'm breastfeeding so it doesn't bother me.

I've taken Olly ones, didn't love them. I have taken many others, but SmartyPants are my current favorite - they just don't fit my budget right now.

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I take the One a Day Prenatals + DHA and have never had an issue. Make sure whatever you choose has DHA added. Many don't, and my doc specifically required me to find one that does.

Also, if you choose a gummy be aware that most if not all of them do not contain iron. So be sure to get an additional iron supp or get plenty from your diet!

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I donít have a prenatal recommendation mine are huge and taste like iron (purposefully searched out one with higher iron than standard) , but I recommend a separate dha supp ďgarden Of life ocean momsĒ theyíre strawberry flavored to mask the fishy flavor, does a great job.

I also recommend a food based prenatal, especially for your stomach, and some natural options include ginger. It might also help to take a probiotic with it, Iíve found itís improved (not fixed) my terrible stomach issues so far.

Having a very hard time digesting things since Iíve been pregnant..

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