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Question on follicle sizes with your BFPs! ☺️

Long story short. I've done clomid and ovidrel with my daughter and son. IUI with son. I've been paying attention to diet, drinking fertility tea, and watch CM as I had been having "normal" cycles since March with the exception of June.

When June was late, i decided to set up an apt with my Fertility Specialist. I saw him today, and he did a baseline ultrasound. I had a 35/36mm follicle ready to fall and great uterine lining (perhaps I ovulate late!) Got flashing smiley yesterday am and pm, followed by solid smiley tonight indicating peak. Doc said if it is in fact an egg, it'll be this weekend! Anyone had a follicle that big!?

I know it's usually smaller when medicated in a cycle, but this was on my own. Just can't help but feel it's occurring for a reason and may have positive outcome!

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Hi Faith I don't know that larger follicles necessarily mean better quality. I think they can kind of "burn out" if they get too big. But I'm not an RE so I'll hope for a positive outcome for you anyway! Thick lining is certainly a positive!!

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