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Is this bfp a little light for 21 dpo

Hi guys, I am very anxious at the moment. In past 2 years I have suffered from 4 early miscarriages around 6 weeks and I am currently 5 weeks pregnant. I have been poas constantly and have started to panic thinking my positive lines are not as dark as they should be 🙁 what do you think?
Am I just being paranoid also the worry is honestly making me ill. My only consolation at the moment is for 5 weeks pregnant I have had quite strong symptoms ie boobs killing me and cravings already, nothing like any of my miscarriages so I am hoping this is a good sign

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I did not use these this pregnancy and I don't remember from before, but I wouldn't be worried. These take longer to get super dark than the more sensitive FRERs. I've heard plenty of women say their lines never got as dark as the control on these, so this may be as dark as yours get! Good luck

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Woah that's super dark for those tests. I used them with my daughter and they took ages to get dark and I'm sure never ad dark as yours. Congratulations x

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Donít they reach a point were they stop getting darker ?( I might be mistaken)

Those are some great dark lines ! Xx

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Home pregnancy tests are wildly unreliable for testing your hCG levels. They aren't recommended for using for progression because there are dozens of reasons for the level of hCG to vary in your urine or for the test to be lighter. Plus, all tests have a max point where they stop working and could potentially even start getting lighter due to a thing called the Hook Effect.

That being said, I know what you are feeling. I've been battling recurrent pregnancy loss issues for over a decade now and I'm at the point where the whole first tri is nothing but a 3 month long panic attack.

When you've experienced loss, it's hard to trust that things can and will go right. And it's the not knowing what is going to happen that is the hardest thing to bear. If you knew which way it was going to go, it would be better because you would know.

But you don't know and in most cases, you can't know, especially this early on. And that's really really hard.

My best advice is to do what you can to relax. Hard, I know. But do your best.
Find a mantra-I usually tell myself something like 'Today I am pregnant. I don't know what tomorrow or tonight or even the next minute will bring but right now, in this moment, I AM PREGNANT. And it's enough.'
Pamper yourself with an at-home spa day.
Make a shopping date with your bestie.
Go on a date night with your OH.
Do some pregnancy yoga.
Read a book.
Do whatever you can to at least try and distract yourself a bit.

And lastly, step away from the pee sticks. They can't tell you anything and honestly, they just add to your worries. At 5 weeks, your hCG levels are likely pretty high and after a point, the test just doesn't work right anymore. And really, you just have to trust that things are okay. (I know, I know. Easier said than done.) But it's the honest to goodness truth.

So take a deep breath, put away your remaining hpts, and just do your best to shove the fears and worries and concerns into a mental box that you can then bury in your mental closet of Things You Don't Need.

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