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Bad taste in my mouth 🙁

Has anyone else suffered from early pregnancy related bad taste in their mouth? Like a sour/metallic furry taste! 🤢
Iíve googled it but nothing is giving me any suggestions to help and Iím going a bit crazy!!
Iím 8+3 today and have had this really badly for the last two weeks. It goes away when I am eating or drinking but as soon as I stop itís back again. Iím suffering with nausea too and this taste is definitely a contributory factor in why I feel so sick. By evening I have to go to sleep as I just feel so unwell.

I really hate to complain as I feel so lucky to be pregnant in the first place 🙁 I just hoped somebody might have some ideas of things to try? Iím chewing gum and eating mints which does help but I think it makes the taste a little worse when I take the gum out!

Anyway- thank you for making it this far with my random rant (if of course you did LOL) xxx

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I have been getting that also and I am not pregnant yet. It has lasted about 2-3 days but I think my prenatal vitamins I am using may be causing it Sorry I know it sucks. I haven't found anything other than what you are already doing to help. Congrats on your pregnancy!

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