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Severely underweight

Hi I am 5 ft , 80lb and pregnant. Too scared if my body is ready for this pregnancy since I don't have my husband's support. I haven't even told him I am pregnant yet. Please help

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Can you see your doctor or access a free women's health clinic? It sounds like you need professional guidance regarding health and pregnancy before all else. They can discuss nutrition and how to best proceed for your body.

If you are otherwise healthy and being underweight is normal for you, I wouldn't be too concerned and just looking to gain weight through nutrition and healthy calories during pregnancy. A doctor can tell you how much you should gain. If your weight is due to an underlying issue, then getting treated for the cause should be a priority.

Put yourself first, because you are responsible for your own health whether or not you have your husband's support. Hopefully he will be what you need him to be, but either way, you can do this! Good luck!

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I was your weight and a little bit shorter than you. I am naturally this weight so unless you are underweight because of an underlying issue then you should be fine. I was fine and gave birth fine. My first was a c section because baby was breech. My second was VBAC to a normal size baby. I wasn’t forced to gain excessive amounts I think I gain less than 20pounds for each pregnancy.

What you do need to focus on is your mental health. You need to put yourself and baby first and growing a healthy happy baby. Try and talk things through with your husband as a solid relationship will help tremendously especially once baby is born and all your hormones going crazy.
Hope everything goes well and CONGRATS on your baby

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