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8 Weeks, Watery discharge tinged orange

Hi Guys, just after some thoughts. Just wiped after the toilet and there was orangy tinge to my discharge. I have been experiencing "normal" discharge all week and now this. Has been some sexual activity today (non penetrative) and I have done a little workout just before i went to the toilet. I had been feeling sickly and tired but that seems to have dissapeared the last day or this normal. I didnt have any spotting or discharge in my first pregnancy. Just after some advice, im in a bit of a tizz. Thank you. x

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Sara Ann
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Iím experiencing the same thing too. I also worked out yesterday and wondering if itís that which may have caused it.... let me know if you hear anything. Iím still waiting a call back from my OB.

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It can normal. Hopefully your midwife can help. Hope everything is OK

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