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Pregnant and Massages

I'm hoping someone can help me with this. We already booked our vacation a couple months ago for a cruise. We also booked a couples massage. By the time we leave ill be 10wks. Is ok for me to get a message. I'm seeing mixed things about it online.

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There is a thing called a prenatal massage. I'd ask the cruise line if they massage therapist can do prenatal massage. I'm not sure if there are any times when a prenatal shouldn't be done.

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The place I asked about prenatal massage will not do it before 13 weeks.

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You can't have a regular message but you may be able to have a pre natal one, I was only 8 weeks when I had one previously so different places must have different guidelines

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A prenatal massage would be fine

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My husband gives me neck shoulder and calf massages and I'm around 8 weeks now. I think if you limit it to certain areas like shoulder and calfs and not hips or stomach area then you should be ok, like having your partner give you a massage at home. And have them press gently. I'm no doc of course but I think in this way you can still go on the massage session. Deep massages should be avoided during pregnancy though is what I heard. A good massage therapist will first ask you of the areas you want to focus on, so you should be able to just stay away from the torso area.

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My sister is a masseuse and she will not gives massages to anyone in their first trimester. I had a massage on holiday at 14 weeks and was lovely. How long are you on holiday for? x

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