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Anyone had shoulder blade pain?

Hi Ladies,

Woke up this morning with an achy painful right shoulder blade. I know this can be a symptom of Ectopic Pregnancy, but have no bleeding, or pains in belly or lightheaded dizzyness?

I am wondering if I have laid on my shoulder funny when asleep or pulled a muscle as it only hurts when I cough, sneeze, breathe in really hard or move my arm outwards.

It doesn't hurt when I lay down or when I am sitting, and OH has rubbed it and that seems to ease the pain?

Anyone experienced Shoulder blade pain before during first few weeks of pregnancy?

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Pretty Sakura
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It would be more of a constant stabbing. shooting pain that doesn't go away and it's would most likely be accompanied by painful cramps and/or bleeding. And it's suppose to be the left shoulder. I think you may have slept on it wrong.

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Its shoulder tip pain, not blade.

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Funny you mention this. One of my first symptoms of pregnancy around 4 weeks was upper back pain BETWEEN the shoulder blades. It lasted for about a week or so and haven't had it since. It didn't accompany any bleeding, just the pain itself.

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I had shoulder/shoulder blade pains in week 5. I actually had pains all over the place. Back, arms, legs, ribs. I still get them.
I was so worried about ectopic because I had all the symptoms minus the bleeding but I had a 6 week ultrasound and everything turned out to be fine.

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Hi, I'm 33 weeks pregnant. The pain has come back after going away early Second Trimester. I'm not bleeding or anything, but I did notice it happens a lot when I fold clothes or do the dishes. I have it at the momebt. It's 6:32 PM here. It's been hurting since about 3:20 PM.

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I have bad pain in my shoulder blade, left side, had it a few days, not stomach pain though, or bleeding. Anything i can take for it? as its getting worse.
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