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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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symptoms at 10 weeks

I am 10 weeks on Monday and I am getting worried - I don't have strong pregnancy symptoms even from the start. I don't have sore breasts, just sensitive nipples which seem to have gone away now. My nausea has always been mild and is getting better. I am not even sure if my bump is just bloating or a real bump or even growing.

My mild cramps have disappeared.... I still have sore hips in the mornings but they weren't bad.

I had an early scan at 6+4 weeks due to brown spotting a few days prior and saw the heartbeat but was told it was too early to tell how many BPM. The baby was measured 7+1 weeks. I should be happy but I still worry sometimes especially now. It is hard!

I had a miscarriage last year due to chromsomal abnormality. I just don't want to go through this all over again.

I have a NT scan on the 22nd and I am so nervous....

Anyone has symptoms easing at 10 weeks???

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I haven't had ms, only my nips are sore, and i just pee a lot and I'm tired. we're lucky!

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The only symptom I've had was very sore bbs and that stopped at 7 1/2 weeks. I was a nervous wreck! But I went to OB on 1/4 and everything is great! She even moved my EDD up 4 days

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mine seem to be easing up toosuffered 2 mmc in the past and worried when go for scan in just over 2 weeks that gonna get bad news ,had no bleeding thou so thats gd i hope.

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im not really getting as many symptoms and im 10+3. im just tired and im getting slight cramps in my stomach every few days! we are lucky!

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try not to worry, what you're feeling sounds really normal.

my symptoms started to fade off a bit at around 10 weeks, its once your body starts to get used to your hormones changing. if you saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks then im sure everything is fine!

all the negativity cant be good for your baby so chin up! x

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