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When does the yolk sac "disappear?"

I had my second u/s today, I'm measuring roughly 9wks 6 days. Saw baby is getting bigger, has lil stubs, moving a bit, and....still has a yolk sac. The tech doing the ultrasound was kinda rushing through it, and acted as if she didn't want to be bothered by my questions and recommended I talk to my midwife when I see her at the end of this week, but I'm curious. When does the yolk sac "disappear?" Does that mean I'm still in the embryonic stage. I was all excited thinking I had moved on to fetus, so I'm a little confused. Any experts on this subject?

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I want to know too.

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I'm not sure, I read last night that at 8 weeks the embryo becomes a fetus. Also between 10-12 weeks, the placenta takes over so it may be then!!? Don't worry, ur little un is a fetus now!!

All the best xxxxx

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i had an early scan at 10 weeks and the yolk sac was still there but at my 12 week scan it had disapeared and the sonogropher said she could see the cord so i imagine my placenta had started to take over by then, i think 9 weeks is still normal to see the yolk sac hun x

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