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Anyone elses sickness get worse around 11 weeks?

I thought it was meant to get worse around 9 weeks then gradually get better,,, mine is just getting worse and worse..grrrrr. I have to stay in hospital with my son this week and then again next week as he has to have 2 operations in his work up for kidney transplantation. And i don't know how i am going to cope... doing his care at home is hard enough without people poking and prodding him and him having to go through pain.

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You poor soul!!!!! Sounds liek you have a helluva lot on your plate! Hope all goes well.

I'm only 11 weeks today, but I was nauseous up until about 9 weeks. It was only after that, that i've actually been throwing up..... It's got progressively worse and worse too - so feeling your pain on the sickness front!

I tried seabands yesterday, but they didn't seem to do anything at all.

fingers crossed it lets up and you feel human again soon!


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Mine got better at 9 weeks and come back with vengence at 12 weeks and lasted till 17 weeks. It sounds like you have a lot coming up. Hope that your son makes a quick recovery xx

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my nausea has been worse but i havent been sick this pregnancy.

Hope Jaiden's op goes well hun, you're all so brave xx

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Hi Charlotte, think it can get worse as the hormone levels get higher and higher, but then at some point the placenta takes over hormone production and it settles down. Think that's the theory anyway! Hope this happens for you very soon. In my first pregnancy the nausea got worse til 14 weeks then abruptly stopped. This time have been lucky and not really had it.

Best wishes for your little one's treatment.

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Hi there, My sickness went from the odd being sick to being sick every day at 11.3 .... and im now 16.1 and still being sick every day. I really feel for you having to go through all this with your son. Big hugs to you both, i wish you all the best x

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Hi Charlotte

I really feel for you as you are approaching the time when sickness/nausea "should" be wearing off. I had terrible nausea from 6-11 weeks. When I hit 11 weeks the throwing up began and it lasted til around 17 weeks.

I hope it clears up sooner for you what with everything you have to deal with - good luck

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I'm 11weeks 3 days and my sickness only started at 10 weeks and it has gotten extremely bad lately...and it isn't just in the morning or just in the evening it is 24/7.

A friend suggested getting a couple of rich tea biscuits next to the bed and eat them before i get up which seemed to have helped so far today FX'ed it stays that way!!

But i LOVE morning sickness - not being i'm a freak but because it reminds me that my baby is still there and is OK because you must remember that when you are sick it means baby is healthy...i know it's weird but i remember from science lessons in secondary school that it means baby is fine in there =) =)

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Hi hun, I read that at 10 weeks your HCG hormones are at their highest so sickness would be at its worst. It probably varies from woman to woman and 11 weeks isn't far off..
I'm 11w+ and mine is still pretty horrible.. but hopefully the next few weeks should get better for you hun. xxx

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Mine did get worse...I've had MS since 6 weeks, so at this point I'm really quite sick of it...No pun intended.

My hope (and dream) is that I will be lucky and it will magically end in the next couple of weeks. Not sure I could go another 6 weeks like this.

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