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I am so glad to see all these replies! For the last week I have had alot of this type of discharge (stretchy, stringing, light yellow)... and I mean lots. Since I am only 23 weeks along (and didn't have much discharge with my first pregnancy), I have been very worried that something was wrong but this has put my mind at ease.

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I've had yellow discharge ever since my bfp and sometimes it luminous!! I'm hoping it's the pregnacare vitamins causing this, but I'm going to tell the hospital when I go on Wednesday, just in case it's an infection of some sort. No itching, soreness or anything.

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It's the riboflavin (one of the b vitamins) causing it. If you take a b complex specifically with higher levels of b vitamins than a pre natal then you'd notice that it turns your urine fluorescent yellow xx

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