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I am so glad to see all these replies! For the last week I have had alot of this type of discharge (stretchy, stringing, light yellow)... and I mean lots. Since I am only 23 weeks along (and didn't have much discharge with my first pregnancy), I have been very worried that something was wrong but this has put my mind at ease.

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I've had yellow discharge ever since my bfp and sometimes it luminous!! I'm hoping it's the pregnacare vitamins causing this, but I'm going to tell the hospital when I go on Wednesday, just in case it's an infection of some sort. No itching, soreness or anything.

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It's the riboflavin (one of the b vitamins) causing it. If you take a b complex specifically with higher levels of b vitamins than a pre natal then you'd notice that it turns your urine fluorescent yellow xx

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This was very helpful. I am a worrier and my midwife is hopeless, she is never available. So many thanks its good to know people have the same thing and are fine. Got my 12 week scan in over a week and can't wait.

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