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pinkish blood/discharge

Can snyone help who has had a similar experience?

wiped earlier and found a pinky discharge so I came home from work and phoned midwife. She said it can be mormal but to ring GP. Rung them and receptionist left a message with Dr, who will ring me back- if he has time!
Then rung NHS Direct who said they can do an assesment but dont want to tie up my phone line incase Dr tries to ring me back.

im so worried that something is wrong. can anyone reassure me?

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Well when a similar thing happened to me I was told by the doc to rest, they asked if it was bright red and if there were any clotting...I dont think they see it as a worry unless it is bright red. There isn't much the doctor can do, if the bleeding gets worse then they will tell you to go to A&E...but in the meantime just put your feet up and rest.

How far along are you? I've seen lots of people comment about pinkish brownish staining and some have even had bright red blood and everything has been ok.

I hope everything is ok, try not to worry...although I know thats easier said than done.

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Hey they - yes, I've been having the same since Sunday afternoon. Just enough to see on the tissue paper so very slight. But its there. The colour varies from brown to pink. I am almost 6 weeks along. I rang my local EPU and they told me there is nothing they can do as I am not far enough along to scan to see anything. My GP also told me this, just to "wait and see". I know it isn't ectopic as I had a scan a week ago (by mistake - I was too early) and they saw the gestational sac, looking normal.

But having been freaked out as didn't have this with my son's pregnancy, I have been scouring the internet. I found lots of articles, which all agreeing that its common. Up to 30% of women do have some sort of spotting/bleeding during early pregnancy. Some do go on to miscarry and some go on to have normal pregnancies. There is no hard and fast rule. You do need to speak to your GP about it.

But so far for me its not developed into anything. I still get queazy from time to time and am tired a lot and (as per my thread) I get terrible wind - all symptoms. And that is a good thing. Save for the wind, as it gives me tummy ache and when you're spottig its not great for your peace of mind to have tummy ache!

Seems also that it happens a lot to ladies between 5 and 8 weeks.

But you are not alone. When I first saw it I was convinced "that was it". But here I am still. So take a deep breath and try to relax and take each day as it comes.

J xxx

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ive had peachy pinky cm on and off since 4wks

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Hi, I had this at 5-6 weeks, and also 2 bits of brown/pink - all just when I wiped. I last saw my baby yesterday at 11 weeks so so far it doesn't seem to have caused any harm Best of luck, I'm sure it's fine especially if it is just a little discharge. I do know what the worrying is like, and I'm still not relaxed after seeing the baby 3 times and seeing it grow so much...

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