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Still feel like my period is coming!

Hey all, new to this side of the forum. Just got my BFP Monday, confirmation @ planned parenthood on Tuesday and blood drawn by my doc today! It was crazy that I even got pregnant this quickly considering I just had a chemical pregnancy on the 12th of March.

When I went to planned parenthood, the line was faint but there. But when I take my FRER it's a pretty bold line. She said she thinks I'm only a couple weeks along, but definitely pregnant. I'm so scared that its going to be another chemical, but last time I didn't even have time to go to the doc before the bleeding started. Well I STILL feel like my period is coming. Not in terms of cramping, per se...Idk how to describe it, every time I go to the bathroom I've been checking for blood. Any other ladies feel this way?

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I did for a while. I still occassionally do. I am always so scared off seeing blood when I wipe! haha. I had a chemical pregnancy 2 years ago and like you, I didn't even have time to get to the dr before my tests turned negative and I started bleeding. The first few weeks of pregnancy are soooo nerve-racking! I'm now finally at a point where I'm getting comfortable. Of course, still alot of worries but I can relax easier. I've even had spotting and 1 bleed but everything's perfectly fine. Once you see the baby and see the heartbeat, you will feel alot better! Try to not worry about it and good luck!

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Hi... yes I've in the same boat, I got my BFP 3 days ago but am only just 4 weeks today. I constantly feel like I'm about to come on my period, crampy pains and a feeling that I'll go to the loo that they'll be blood there... but there isn't as of yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and feeling happy! The doctor said it was normal to feel period like crampy pains this early so I'm trying not to worry too much.... I'm sure you'll be fine xxxxxxx

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I had period like cramping really regularly until I was about 7 weeks, now I get the odd twinge but not much at all. Don't worry its really normal and ALOT of newly pregnant women experience it, I remember when I first got my bfp I was worried but seeing so many women on here were experiencing the same really put my mind at rest.

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Hi Hunni,

I remember feeling that way a week before I even got my BFP and for at least a week after or maybe two!

I had the cramps as usual and like you was running to the bathroom every few minutes to check convinced there would be blood! I think it's perfectly normal as pregnancy hormones take over and the baby is implanting, it's a good sign hun so relax and enjoy!


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