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gross taste in mouth?

I have read about a yucky taste in pregnant women's mouth, but it has always been described as a metal taste. I have an unpleasant taste, but not metal like. It's almost like a stale coffee taste. I am eight weeks pregnant. Anyone else have this?

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Ive had a nasty taste in my mouth for a few weeks now, and its so nasty it makes me feel more sick, bought mints to get rid of the taste. Finally the nasty taste seems to be going though, haven't noticed it in the last couple of days.

The taste I had hasn't been like coffee, I can't even describe what it was like.

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hi hope you dont mind me intruding, i had this till probably about 15 weeks, i found it was from my gums bleeding(the left over old blood i guess), nothing i did got rid of the taste but gum, mints, mouth wash helped good luck hun my gums stopped bleeding around 15 weeks.

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