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Discharge. 6 weeks pregnant

Hey guys

I am suffering with drips and drabs of discharge certainly very watery and milky, it feels like im wet down there all the time like i started my period is this normal.

Also I have my sore boobies but I am mild period pains that come and go is that normal, i get mild period pain in my back as well.

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I started getting a discharge around 6 weeks too, that was kinda like milky egg-white (tmi, sorry). When I talked to my doc, I was told it's perfectly normal, and I still get a bit of discharge right now. I think it has something to do with the forming of the mucus plug in our bodies.

Cramps are normal, too... it's likely your uterus stretching and moving to make room for your bebe. Again, same thing for me. I honestly wouldn't worry, unless it get to the point of severe pain that's unbearable, or there is brown/red discharge. Then that's the time to call the doc's.

Hope that's a bit of comfort, as your symptoms are perfectly normal.

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Sounds just like me. I was freaking, but I guess it's just the body's way of making room for the baby.

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hi im 6 weeks pregnant and im always feelin wet down below just wanted to know if it was normal because ive neva had it b4 in my other prengency

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Mine started even earlier than that.

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