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Sounds like she just an attention seeker. This is so pathetic. I do believe in karma though and people that go around lying about being preg and day they may really get preg and get to go thru what it really feels like to have to go thru a miscarriage. This makes me almost as mad as a girl I know who has had 2 abortions within the last year and a half bc of inconvenience yet now shes preg again and has had some problems and is just praying hard that she can carry full term. I just don't understand people.

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I'd love to punch this girl!

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I know people have mentioned attention seeking but there is a mental health condition where people do this. Of course I am not saying what she said was ight, because it's not, but I wanted to let you all know that there is a mental health condition where people often use other people's lives as their own. This is usually because they have something major going on in their life but can't or don't know how to express how they feel about it and so they start lying about other things. They do not know they have this condition and often believe the lies so much that they go to extreme lengths - like buying baby clothes or using other people's scan pictures. The only way they can be helped is through a gentle but firm approach of intensive therapy and counselling. Giys I am not saying that it is ok for these people to do this, because it isn't, but we need to remember these people are mentally ill and often can't cope with other issues in life. How many of you have said everything's fine when clearly it's not? Ok, so that's not the same, but it shows your ability to block it out for that time. These people can't do that, and try to cover it up using something else. Sadly most of them will use pregnancy and miscarriage as for the first 12 weeks or so you don't show when your pregnant and so they can more or less get away with it. I can't remember what this condition is called, but I remember the doctor telling me about it because we had an issue similar to this with a friend of mine and I came to the doctors with her (thought she was going to get checked out after her "miscarriage"). The doctor said that until people understand they have a condition they will not get help. Sadly it means we have to listen to them, but I have learnt that the best thing to do is to listen to what they say, but not give them any advice or play into their story. You often find that the more people who ignore them, the sooner they stop anyway. Lies always have a way of being found out. Normally when someone is caught out from lying it's because their story doesn't quite add up or maybe they have told different things to different people. Usually then people can admit (as much as they don't want to!) that they were lying, but people with this condition cover up those lies by telling more. Even though it's a mental health condition it is usually because the person has suffered some major trauma in their life - perhaps as a very young child - and had to cover it up, either because they were told to, or because it was covered up for them using lies to make it all better. In this case this is all they have learnt and so to cover up the major things as an adult, they just lie using something else. But the thing you need to understand is they do not always understand or sometimes even know they are compulsively lying. I hope this post makes sense to you all. I don't want you to feel that I am on these people's side, because I'm not, but I wanted to let you know that these people are ill and need help. I have seen this first hand from my sister and my friend. My friend got help, but sadly my sister hasn't yet. Time will come when something clicks and these people will all go for help, but until then all we can do is be gentle and firm, and not play along to their stories (so for example, if they say they are pregnant, do not offer advice, or say congratulations until you know for sure if it's true). I hope this helps in any way at all x

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I am a member of another forum and there was a massive hoo ha on there that led to some of my friends being banned, I got banned for a week, one friend got banned for life!!

All because we confronted this lady on there who was blantently lying about being pregnant with twins and giving birth prematurely. It was SO obvious she was lying but we wouldnt say until we knew for sure. She put pics on of her premature 'daughters' so say born at 25 weeks and after alot of trailing of the internet we found the exact same picture on google images My friend even phoned the hospital she said she was at and they hadnt had twins born there in over 2 months!!

The 'twins' died and she was on the forum asking for support... Just made me sick to be honest. Really sick. My friends sister has since had twins at 25 weeks one who died at 9 weeks old (The little girl has just made it home!! ) And it just brings it all back, so wrong

Rant over!!! I hear you!!

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oh god, how awful that some ppl can do/say these things. i had a close friend who i've fallen out with because of her constant lying about things. with her ex, she got pregnant twice and had 2 miscarriages. this was during the time that i unfortunately suffered with a mc. we found out it was all lies. she lies about almost everything. then she was telling me that she didnt love her oh and didnt wanna be with him etc. during this time i was planning my wedding and as it got closer she decided she wanted to marry this guy she didnt love, so started planning a wedding taking all the attention off my wedding to hers. she almost ruined it for me. then after my wedding she got caught cheating and then she decided she didnt wanna get married so called the wedding off and broke up with her oh.

since then she's moved away working in a holiday camp. we've not really spoken, coz she's a lying 2 faced cheat. however recently she's been in touch and i told her i was pregnant. now, a week later since i told her i get a text saying she thinks she's pregnant. i know all too well how this is gonna turn out. i dont have time for people who lie about things like this, it's sick. even if it is a mental issue, i dont want ppl like that in my life.

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My OH's ex did this to him a few years back when he split up with her (after seeing eachother about 2 months), told him she was pregnant then got "an abortion". Pack of lies. It's the girls who fake pregnancies to get their men back i think are sick!!

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so so sad they certainly would not be pretending if they knew what a miscarriage was like!!!

a girl in my school musta been 3rd year so i woulda been about 14 or 15 said she was pregnant with twins. She was quite a big girl so you couldnt actually tell.

When she first announced it she was 8 weeks.

then two weeks later still 8 weeks? :S

Then she said no im 14 weeks we all said okay fair enough (as it was all hearsay) wheres your scan pics?
Btw this girl went as far as to make her bf believe she was pregnant. When we all asjed him he was like yeah yeah she defs is.

she then said shed miscarried.

then shed had an abortion.

Then she showed us all scan pics of her "twins" on her phone.

it was dated from 1997.

Yet when i fell pregnant with Jamie i was given the exact same treatment.i gave them her scan pics. Im kinda skinny (size 8) and had a bump/bloast from about 11weeks. Youv never seen schoolkids shut their faces quick enough

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Originally Posted by cheryl_b10 View Post
Sorry for making another thread but I am just mad atm!

I went on a course last year and a girl called Chelsea was 'pregnant' I mean she is chubby like me so you couldnt tell if she was or not. She got scan pictures off the internet and said it was her scan - she doesnt live near me anymore but apparently she had a misscarriage.

Now she found out im pregnant on facebook which is fine. However she messaged me saying shes 15 weeks on friday which I am 15 weeks on friday and I have a ticker like the one in my signature on facebook - and i put my due date on the 'about me' so anyway shes apparently 15 weeks on friday yet due 18th november. Oh and she also asked me not to tell anyone as loads of people called her a liar etc last year.

I'm just so mad ... I am 90% sure she is lieng and I find it discusting that people are genuinely having misscarriages and she lies about it.

And someone we both have added has a scan picture up of mine on her 'friends album' and it has my name on and I can see her taking my name off and using it has her 'scan picture'

Sorry I at to rant .. I didnt say nothing when she said she was 15 weeks on friday and I just said whats your due date? She said 18th november. Its bad enough to lie but at least work out the dates -

Sorry again. Rant over .. she makes me sick
I know a couple of people who did this. Try not to be too harsh or judge hun, these people usually have BIG issues that aren't their fault and have awful lives. Just be greatful ur happy and secure and feel sorry for her rather than angry. If people have to attention seek they usuallyhave very low self esteem and very unhappy people

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My SIL did this also. She announced she was 9wks pregnant the first words she spoke the moment my sister annouced she was 5weeks pregnant at a family dinner.

Then the following week she birthed her 7wk embie into the toilet. The pregnancy annoucements came every month or two followed by her m/c (their were 5 in the year) To start with I do think she honestly thought she was pregnant as her cycles were very long and irregular as soon as she went of BCP which would have led her to think she must be UTD. Then when she realised she was wrong she faked the m/c as she was too embarrassed to admit she said she was incorrectly.

She eventually broke up with my brother (and re-married and now divorced again) and now is engaged again. I was actually bridesmaid at her wedding and vise versa. Yeah it pee'd me off she lied and to make matters worse she had my brother whom was desperate for children believe she was and he was about to be a Dad. He was shattered each time and it actually led to their seperation.

Shortly after they split she found out she had PCOS (and now its been 4yrs since her last AF) She has not annouced a pregnancy since. I do know she was lying as she apparently had 6 m/c's all ranging in gestation from 7weeks to 13 and never once saw a Dr about it. Never had it confirmed and never went to the dr/ED when she was allegidly miscarrying. Also when I told my brother I thought she was lying he brought a pregnancy test home for her to do and she refused point blank to pee on it.

We are still good friends and yes she is messed up in some ways but lots of us are. I certainly wouldn't be trusting her with my life thats for sure but she is usually loads of fun and happy go lucky. Probably hence why she has never shed a tear for those 6angels she has lost apparently. As a survivor of LTTTC and multiple m/c including one that claimed my fertility its a bit of an insult as usually its the innocent that suffer and people like this lie but in reality they haven't been through what we have. But thats life and it takes all types to make up the world.

And I am very happy to report I am now the proud Aunty to my brothers 2 little boys (newborn and 1.5yrs) he met his now wife 3yrs ago and he now has the family he deserved. And his ex my friend still hasn't had a baby since some 6yrs later and numerous partners. I am still hoping she has another baby as I know LTTTC hurts even if she says it doesn't bother her.

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Get rid - the weirdo!

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