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when will i show - second pregnancy

Hi Ladies,

Can anyone let me know how early they started to show in their second pregnancy.

I had my daughter 8 months ago. I didn't look that big with her as she was breach/transverse.

I'm only 8 weeks but me and my OH think i'm starting to show. I've lost weight through healthy eating, but my tummy is definately bigger.

I'm getting a bit worried as i haven't started back in work yet. I don't finish my maternity leave until the beginning of September. I don't want work to know until i've restarted just in case they try to put me in a naff role.



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I had my Daughter, our 1st, just over 9 months ago and I'm also 8 weeks pregnant with our 2nd. I'm starting to show already but it's only noticeable to OH & I...other people haven't noticed yet. I've heard that you tend to show 1 month earlier with each pregnancy.

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my daughter is 14 months now and i am 9 weeks pregnant I am showing for sure.. i was showing at 10 weeks with my daughter and yeah... i sometimes think it is just bloat but yeah i am sure i am showing already with bubba number 2

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I have an almost 10mth old who I showed at about 8weeks with (I went big quickly and put less weight on at the end) I seem to be doing the same this time with bloat already lol

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My son is nearly five so has been a bit of time between but started showing (to others) at around 16 weeks. x

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My eldest was 13 months when I fell pregnant with #2 and I started showing at 8 weeks. It was down to being bloated but you could obviously see I'd put a belly on By 10-12 weeks I had a proper bump. This is number 3 and I'm pretty sure the bloat is beginning to start already

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My DS will be 7 in Nov so its been a while since my last pregnancy but my clothes have started to get tight and I'm already wearing maternity trousers to work as my other ones are really uncomfortable by the end of the day.

I's probably more noticeable to me and DH but I think in the next couple of weeks other people will be able to tell as well. The mums at the school will be in for a shock when DS goes back to school as I'll be 17 weeks by then and will no doubt be showing a good bit!!

They do say you show earlier with each pregnancy and I know my SIL looked definitely pregnant by 13wks with her second.

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I'm 11 weeks and 5 days and still not showing. My clothes aren't even a bit tight and this is my 5th baby, its actually making me worry. I can't remember when I showed with my others tbh, although I remember not needing maternity clothes at work with my 3rd till about 25 weeks and he was a massive chunk of a thing at 9lb 81/2oz.

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