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Is 11 weeks 3 days too early for nub theory?

We had our dating scan this week and were told we were 11 weeks and 3 days. The pictures we got had what looks to me like a very clear nub pointing in a girl direction, but I don't know if this scan was too early to tell. Some sites seem to say before 12 weeks it's too early to tell.

Here are the pics:

Has anyone had a clear nub this early that has proven accurate? I know it's all really guesswork at this stage but I can't help myself.


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I'm afraid I'm no expert, but I had a similar photo at the same time as you, with a similar nub, and most people guessed girl. I don't know for sure yet though!

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It is too early i'm afraid. All nubs start out flat and only start to rise up after 11 weeks so in 3 days it wouldn't have risen as much as it will do if it's a boy.

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