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Question on weeks (since last menstrual cycle)

I just got my BFP at 12 dpo yesterday. I have long cycles of 45 days or so. I ovulate late and so i have no idea how many weeks i would be. im guessing its best to say 4 weeks. 2 weeks since conception and 2 weeks before that which would have been a normal 28 day cycle.

As i have had 2 miscarriages i am allowed an early scan. Now for my question (sorry long winded) do i include the 2 weeks, from the date of my last hyperthetical period, as part of my dates. i.e. if i want to have a scan at 7 wks would i have one in 3-4 wks or 5 weeks time?

I know im waffling but cant get my words right.

If this makes any logical sense any help appreciated

PS: at 12 dpo my digi said 2-3 wks pregnant

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i had the same type of cycle. i got my bfp 10dpo, so yes, since i knew i ovulated late, i counted my pregnancy from 2 weeks prior to when i ovulated.
at my scan, i knew they would have put me at 10 weeks pregnant, and were surprised when i told them i was only 9 weeks, because i knew the day i ovulated. sure enough, i was right. although my midwife told me it's pretty rare to know your body so well. i wouldn't worry so much about how far along you are, till your scan. at 12dpo, you're technically 3wks5days pregnant. your scan will give you a more accurate due date though. even at my scan, i showed at 8wks6days (2 days behind)... but, implantation can take anywhere from 6-12 days (that's why i was 2 days behind). good luck!

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