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7 weeks and soo tired, anyone else have cfs and pregnant??

So this morning i had my first booking an appointment with the midwife yay!! should hopefully get my first scan date in a couple of weeks time.

But i'm soooo tired and feel so nauseous ALL the time! I phoned work after my appointment and told them i wasn 't going in because I felt so ill . I just came home and went to bed ( I've got chronic fatigue syndrome and hvae been trying to take it easy but at work by 2 i'm nearly passed out with fatigue at my desk!

How is everyone else coping? when will it pass? has anyone else got cfs and is pregnant?

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i havent got cfs but I am really really tired most of the time! Its worst in the afternoons and i just want to get home from work & sleep. My social life has takena nose dive but I'm prioritising rest - I think its all we can do! xx

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