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I used a pessary when I was pregnant with my son, my midwife said it was fine and I didnt have any problems. I was probably about 16 weeks so a bit furthur than you tho. I also used a pessary a week before my BFP, but it obviously didnt cause any problems as bub still implanted and HCG is rising xxx

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Miscarriage after Pessary inserted

Originally Posted by wantingagirl View Post
hun.... I took a pessary as the doc promised it was fine and then the midwife said not to but I had already done it and it was sore when I inserted it and two days later I started bleeding losing my baby but dont know if it was related If I ever find out I will be so angry xxxx
I don't know if pessary related to miscarriage, but I do see some docs don't recommend use pessary after 3 month of pregnancy. My first baby was lost when 15wk of PG. I remembered the day ob inserted a large size of perssary into my body, I felt almost 10 out of 10 pain, she told me tolerate 10 minutes see if still get hurts. Finally I tolerated and back home with pessary. The next day from the morning time things getting worse, I began to have fever, strong back pain, belly pain and yellow colored discharge. I went back to ob, she told me those are normal irritation, she removed pessary and asked me go home for a rest. The next day is the worst day (my baby stopped heart beating), I felt uterine contraction and soon large quantity of amniotic fluid came out. I was so afraid to heading to hospital, when I was scanned I was told amniotic fluid was empty in uterine and baby was no longer heart beating. I couldn't help crying I know how much I love the baby, I know how much pain I had suffered from PG, this was my first baby. Then I was treated with medicine to have the embryo get out of my body, I saw my baby's body, its red and tiny and hasn't developed the gender yet. I was heart breaking, I know the baby has gone and never be back again, I have to accept the truth but I wanna know why my baby was gone, it's so healthy with last scan. Ob told me I might got certain type of infection and they will do an examination with my tissue to find out which infection I've got. Now over 2 wks passed since they said will do an examination, no piece of result come out yet, I have to somehow believe, it is the pessary murderred my baby, the extremely uncomfortable irritation caused UC then water broke. I was so guilty to my baby I was always thinking if I could ask ob to remove pessary ASAP, my baby will probably be safe and I will give birth to it later. That was a heart breaking experience of mine, my poor baby had only 15wk with mom, never had a bite of mom's breast milk and never opened the eye to see the world. I left hospital with no baby holding in my arm, but plenty of silent tears. I don't know how soon both body and mind can recover but I will never ever use a pessary again with my next PG. I am angry now because the hospital cannot give an answer to what caused my miscarriage, as I think it would be the passery inserted.

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