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soooo hungry and bloated and tired and feel sick at times!

Wellll just thought i would share i do indeed feel pregnant - so hungry! i seem to just eat bits here and there throughout the day!!! so starved! and thirsty to!!!

and then i feel blaoted! but i like it! feel heavy in that area, and feel slight light sort of period pains, but veryyyyy veryy slight! barely there, so not going to worry.

i feel tired! alot!
my partner just said 'whaat you tired, never' sarcasm hey!!

then yesterday i felt veryyy sick!! and do on and off - but not been sick so i am happy about that.

was sick the other week before i found out i was pregnant! projectile vomited whilst partner sat out side!! lol i felt a lil embarrassed!!

does everyone else feel this way!

oh and i am spotty!!

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Yep! You have just begun the longest hangover of your life! Hahaa! Seriously, congratulations and i hope the symptoms don't get too bad for you xx

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I'm feeling pretty much the same as you!

I was feeling hungry at the start of the week but now i'm going off food and was gagging loads at work today lol I was bloated but it seems to have gone now. I find i feel tired and then suddenly have a burst of energy then tired again!

Plus i've got loads of spots around my mouth area, same as last time and it looks horrible!

But it's all worth it (hopefully if all is well this time!)

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I think I'm around 5 weeks, we just found out I'm PG yesterday morning, and I swear it's like as soon as we found out the symptoms started, I am nauseous all day long, no vomiting yet though for me, and I am exhausted by like 8pm, and everything just smells gross to me, as well as I have a constant tugging feeling in my stomach.
All for a good cause though

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