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cyst on ovary at 6

hi ladies,
Had my 6 week scan today and found the heartbeat so everythings good in that side of things....
BUT.... The u/s lady said i've got a 3cm cyst on my ovary...

Whats this mean, is this normal? And will this harm my bean???

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Hey, I'm not an expert.. but 3cm does sound too large to be the normal corpus luteum that supports the pregnancy for the first trimester. (are you sure about the size? just double check, k?)... if it was your ONLY cyst then it might be? I didn't know the corpus luteum got that big.. mine hasnt.
I do know somebody who had to have a cyst removed during her pregnancy and though there is some risk, she did fine and is due any day now.
I THINK they'll want to keep an eye on it and make sure its not going to cause any issues and see if it shrinks on its own.
Lots of women get cysts and never know it... the majority grow and shrink on their own over time... some burst and there can be some pain but not too much risk involved... the risk is if it twists in which case it gets quite serious and you can lose the ovary.

I'm sorry, I wish I had better information for you but did want to share what I know and I'm sorry if I got any of it wrong.

EDIT - ok... nevermind, lol... I thought it was too big for a corpus luteum, but Sammy below has better info on that than I do!

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Hope this helps, I was told its normal and what feeds your baby in early pregnancy until the yolk sac is developed.

Corpus Luteum Cyst
Following release of the egg, the ovarian follicle changes into a corpus luteum, responsible for production of hormones that will help support the developing pregnancy. The observation of these small (usually less than 5 cm) ovarian cysts during early pregnancy is essentially a normal finding. Should the cyst be large (5 cm or more), or have suspicious characteristics, they may be followed as most corpus luteum cysts will resolve spontaneously sometime during the first trimester.

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Almost certainly it's the corpus luteum They will keep an eye on it to make sure it goes away when it's supposed to, and doesn't get too big. Try not to worry.

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I have a cyst on my left ovary and two on the right, one on each side was a Corpus Luteum Cyst and the other on the right was another type. But my consultant didn't think either of the types was anything to worry about. In fact between Monday's scan and Friday's scan one of the ones on the right had actually 'popped' and gone!

But, if you are worried, just call the doctor and ask him to explain what sort of cyst it is and if you should be worried. Think sometimes they forget that we are not medical dictionaries LOL xx

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Its quite common for ovarian cysts to be found during pregnancy, most dnt cause many problems so we have no reason to look for them pre preg, but they often show up on early scans.

If you werent told there was anything to worry about, there probably isnt. It may be something your Dr wants to monitor throughout your pregnancy and beyond, but cysts usually dont amount to much at all x

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